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Wyoming News

Wyoming Medication Donation Program and Medication Drop-Off Locations

Don't let unused medication go to waste. Consider contributing to the Wyoming Medication Donation Program or safely dispose of unused medications at a location near where you live &/or work. The donation program provides immediate prescription help by re-dispensing acceptable donated medications and provides advice on lower-cost options.  Disposing or donating unused medications is an important step in the prevention of prescription drug abuse, misuse, and accidental poisonings. 

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Wyoming Opioid Epidemic Information

The Wyoming Department of Health provides a portal to access several resources in Wyoming related to the opioid epidemic. Information provided includes drug take-back sites, naloxone retailers, drug treatment facilities, mental health and substance abuse providers, plus much more.

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Fentanyl Burden Growing in Wyoming

The Wyoming Department of Health, in coordination with Governor Mark Gordon, is sharing important information about fentanyl and similar drugs with Wyoming residents as overdose deaths connected to synthetic opioids rise in the state and across the country. Learn more about action steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved one.

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The Wyoming Department of Health Receives a Grant for Narcan®

The grant provides free Narcan® to agencies, businesses and organizations in Wyoming that may be in position to help people who are experiencing an opioid overdose. The effort is being funded through the State Opioid Response Grant from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Additional information about important rules, specific program requirements and ordering details to obtain this life saving medication are available by following the "More Information" link below.

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Medication Assisted Treatment Services in Wyoming

The Wyoming Department of Health Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Services provides information about connecting with high-quality mental health and substance use treatment services in communities across Wyoming. Learn what resources are available in your community, as well as nationally.

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Wyoming Department of Health - Resources for Suicide Prevention

The Wyoming Department of Health's Injury & Violence Prevention program provides an online chat, information on county Community Mental Health Centers, suicide survivors and lived experience support groups, a suicide prevention guide, and much more on their website. Click on "More Information" below to link to their website.

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National News

Study Signals Importance of Monitoring & Screening for Stimulant Misuse in Schools

Researchers have identified a strong association between prevalence of prescription stimulant therapy for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and rates of prescription stimulant misuse (taken in a way other than as directed by a clinician) by students in middle and high schools.

NARCAN® & RiVive® Nasal Sprays are Approved by the FDA as Over- the-Counter Medications

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration approved two over-the-counter naloxone nasal sprays in 2023. The first approval came in March 2023 for Narcan® 4mg. The second approval came in July 2023 for RiVive® 3mg nasal spray. The first shipments of Narcan® were released to retailers in September 2023. 

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DEA Reports Widespread Threat of Fentanyl Mixed with Xylazine

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued a public safety alert warning consumers about a substantial increase in trafficking of fentanyl mixed with xylazine, a sedative FDA approved for veterinary use. Use of xylazine puts users at a higher risk of fatal drug poisoning. Xylazine is not an opioid, so naloxone is not effective for reversing the drug's effects.

The U.S. Recorded Nearly 110,000 Overdose Deaths in 2022

Provisional Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data shows nearly 110,000 people nationwide died in 2022 from drug overdoses. That number is up from the previous year, but the data does show a leveling off of overdoses following two years of large increases.

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Best Practices for Treating Children & Adolescent Dental Pain

Nearly 25% of the first opioid prescriptions for children and adolescents comes from dentists. Learn how treating dental pain in this patient population can be done without the use of opioids. Read about the research that has been done in this area and how it can impact best practices in dental care.

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The Biden Administration's $1.5 Billion Funding Opportunity for State Opioid Response Grant Program 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), will provide a nearly $1.5 billion State Opioid Response (SOR) grant funding opportunity that will provide states and territories assistance to help address the Nation's opioid addiction and overdose epidemic. 

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Waiver Elimination for the Prescribing of Buprenorphine

Section 1262 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023, removes the federal requirement for practitioners to submit a waiver to prescribe medications for the treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD). Practitioners who have a current DEA registration that includes Schedule III authority, may now prescribe buprenorphine for OUD if permitted by applicable state law. 

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Health and Human Services Healthy People 2030

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Healthy People 2030 is the nation's 10 year plan for addressing our most critical public health priorities and challenges. This decade, Healthy People 2030 features 355 core objectives with 10 year targets and new objectives related to opioid use disorder and youth e-cigarette use, and resources for adapting Health People 2030 to emerging public health threats like COVID-19.

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